We're sorry to let you know that the Tank Top TV consumer site is no longer available. We built a service that made it easy to find good content to watch, but sadly it was costing money to run. Over the years affiliate schemes have closed down, and data APIs have started to charge more fees, meaning it simply no longer adds up.

A few people have supported us over the years with a subscription, and if you're one of those people we're really very grateful. Get in touch at hello@tanktop.tv for a pro-rata refund.

We're extremely proud of the technology we built, and loved the amazing positive reactions to our recommendations and our UI. If you could run a business on user sentiment alone, we'd be doing just fine! Thank you for all your encouragement.

We continue to support our commercial customers, and we're in discussions with a company interested in acquiring the consumer technology to enhance their own platform.

If you have any questions please drop us a line at hello@tanktop.tv. Thank you for your support.